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Lorenzo Sanguedolce & Michael Bisio - Live At The Yippie (NoBusiness, 2009)

- Stef, Free Jazz - Saturday, December 26, 2009

Duo with Carol LiebowitzLorenzo_Sanguedolce_Sax__Duo_With_Carol_Liebowitz.htmlLorenzo_Sanguedolce_Sax__Duo_With_Carol_Liebowitz.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0

“Brooklyn-basedsaxophonistLorenzo Sanguedolce has been making a name for himself playing in groups with Arner and Bisio as well as Barry Altschul, Lou Grassi, Connie Crothers, Adam Lane and others. He sports a full-bodied, attractive sound that, while capable of achieving intense heights, always seems to have a melodic core at its center. His first release comes courtesy of a vinyl-only issue, Live at the Yippie, a duet with Bisio. The bassist’s track record for duets with saxophonists is impressive: sessions with Joe McPhee, Avram Fefer and Joe Giardullo. He not only supports his partner, he’s also there pushing and prodding him along. And due to his quick, flexible responses, he frequently plays along with his partner, often delivering lengthy saxophone- style lines. During this 40-minute performance, Sanguedolce seems to always have a direction and there aren’t any dry patches that sound like he is searching for something to say. Clearly with Bisio’s rumbling strength beneath him he can be intrepid, going off on any tangent he chooses knowing he will be ably supported. And a dialogue ensues that covers a broad spectrum ensuring the listener will be engaged. Therein lies the success to this record.”

- Robert Iannapolo, All About Jazz-New York - July, 2010

“Live At The Yippie is part of a performance by tenor saxophonist Lorenzo Sanguedolce and bassist Michael Bisio, with two tracks clocking right under 20 minutes each, the regular time constraint of a vinyl LP.  Sanguedolce is possibly best known, if at all, from his Sweetblood Quintet, a name which is the English translation of his Italian family name.

The first piece, "'Stract (part 1), brings a lyrical, free boppish improvisation with bluesy inclinations, quite accessible overall, all within the same idiom and style without too many digressions. The second part, "'Stract (part 2)", is more varied, a little more daring, with more space for Bisio to solo. Technically this is all very good, also the interplay between sax and bass. Musically, Sanguedolce is still looking for his unique position, that piece of creative fingerprint that will set him apart from many other saxophonists, and that will give us, listeners, new experiences. As of now, we can only congratulate NoBusiness for giving a chance to produce an album to this promising new voice.”

Lorenzo Sanguedolce Trio
with Kazzrie Jaxen and Michael BisioLS-KJ-MB.html
Lorenzo Sanguedolce QuartetLS4%40VXV.htmlLS4%40VXV.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0