Dance: Kea Tonetti

Live-music: Tivitavi

The azure bird that lives in the shining emptiness of my heart is free and wishes to sing, fly and dance, but I’m often afraid to meet him, to love him and release him in flight. “Yo soy azul” is a journey within, where the body and the soul undress themselves, cutting through the layers of personality that veil the memory. Azul, forgetting his origin, passes trough the crisis, encountering suffering, anger, delusion, desire, pleasure and attachment, revealing the wounds of the unloved child. The song of Azul is irresistible! It is a canopy that is opened up to the sky, to which you return to see through the amazed and pure eyes of a child. It is a rebirth to a new breath, beyond all barriers that would hide its essence. Azul is as immaterial and transparent as the sky,  as receptive and clear as water, it is the shining emptiness that permeates reality. Is it a man or a woman? It is androgynous, light and shadow, sun and moon, left and right brain, strength and fragility, harmony and chaos.

Azul is the path to the infinite, where the real becomes imaginary and dream, the other side of the mirror. Sound and movement vanish, drown, fade away in him/her, like a bird in the sky, and the creative act becomes spontaneous, natural, effortless and free. Reborn, Azul dances the divine play of creation; freedom and joy are his/ her own nature, a revival to an irresistible deep call to the beauty of his/ her soul, to the divine essence.

Freely inspired to the arcane XX “Le Jugement” of Marseille Tarots and to Charles Bukowski Poetry “BlueBird”.

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Compagniakha was founded by Kea Tonetti and Tivitavi R. Papini, a dancer and a sound/visual artist. Their performances mix Butoh dance with Sensitive Dance® and acoustic and electronic live sounds. Their spiritual and artistic research is reflected in their poetic, creating cathartic events of great natural magic. The company has collaborated with different artists, among them the musician Ogam Fabio Malizia, the performer Shaiba Vincenzo Geddo, the dancer Yuko Ota and the master of Noh Theatre Monique Arnaud. They founded the “Spazio Continuum”, where they organize workshops and classes in Milan, Italy, where they also live.

Kea Tonetti

Dancer, performer, choreographer and teacher who combines in her expressive and movement research Sensitive Dance®, Butoh Dance, Hara Yoga and a spiritual tantric yoga vision of life. Since 1980 she has studied classical and contemporary dance in Italy, New York and Paris, following the work of various choreographers. For many years she researched Butoh dance, following Atsushi Takenouchi, founder of Jinen Butoh, and meeting Masaki Iwana (White Butoh), Ko Murobushi, Imre Thormann, Yumiko Yoshioka, Joan Laage and Motimaru Dance Company. Also for years, she has been studying Sensitive Dance® with Claude Coldy, following a teacher training which includes the study of osteopathic observation and the dance in the nature sites. Since 2007 she has been assisting Claude Coldy in his workshops. Since 2008 she has studied voice and singing following the functional method with Carola Caruso. For some time she has been practicing and researching the disciplines of Eastern spiritual paths including Zen, Yoga, Tantra and shamanism. Since 2001 she has been a teacher of Hara Yoga, founded by Master Giò Fronti. She has studied Psychogenealogy, the practice of Psychomagic, and the study of Marsiglia Tarots with Cristòbal Jodorowsky and with Paulina Jade Doniz. For many years she has been teaching and transmitting her research through classes and workshops in studios and in sites of nature, in Italy and abroad. In 2008 she founded “CompagniaKha” with Tivitavi.

Her most recent performances:

Yo soy azul music by Tivitavi (Tanz Festival Kulturraum Rosenhof, Tegernau D  - JurányiArt Incubator Haouse, Budapest U- 2013)

Mothersea music by Tivitavi (Milano 2013)

Enthullt, The flower garden with Shaiba Vincenzo Geddo music by Tivitavi & Ogam (Tanz Festival Kulturraum Rosenhof e Werkraum Shopflin, D 2012)

Utsusemi with Master of Noh Teatre Monique Arnaud music by Tivitavi&Ogam (Alik Cavaliere Center, Milan 2012 - Festival “ La voce del corpo” Osnago LC Italy 2013)

Inori (Milan 2012)

Wu music by Tivitavi (Kulturraum Rosenhof D 2011, PAF Performing arts festival, Meina 2011, Trace Becoming Art, Milano 2010)

Dances in “ La Veglia di Venere” art-video of Alessandra Pescetta.

Space is body with Yuko Ota music by Tivitavi & Ogam (Milano 2010)

Spiegel im Spiegel project of Pilar Buira Ferre ( Festival “Rosenhof” D 2009)

Shishigami, Forest Spirit music by Tivitavi (festival “Rosenhof“ D 2009 and Sconfinando Sarzana festival 2010)

Memoire d’eau music by Tivitavi ( Milano 2008)

Omoshiroi music by Tivitavi (Milano 2008)

L’ombra della luce ( Tegernau D 2008)

Ador-azione performance interattiva (Studio D’Ars Milano 2007)

Tivitavi Roberto Papini

Sound and visual artist. Graduated in painting from Albertina Academy in Torino with Mino Ceretti. Since 1991 he has studied with various Masters from Yoga to Shamanism.

His research in sound has lead him to study with the following masters:

Phil Drummy, Djalu Gurruwiwi (didgeridoo), Mari Boine (singing of Lapland), Saynko Namcylak (Tuvan throat-singing), Amelia Cuni (drhupad singing), Lorenzo Galantini (bagpipe), Massimo La Guardia (tammorra/frame drum) and Lorenzo Gasperoni (djembè). He studies the sound healing of Tibetan bells with Albert Rabenstein. For many years he has researched the connection between the body, sound harmony and the pictorial gesture. He has shown his works in various art galleries including Cortina, D’Ars (Milano) and StudioRa (Roma), Masoero (Torino). On his way he has also had the honor and the pleasure to meet Masters Gino Gorza, Shingai Tanaka, Giò Fronti, Albert Rabenstein, Maria Lai. As a musician he has performed with L.Pierobon e Henten Hitti (Festival Ville e Castella 2010), Antoine Levì Cicéron (Festival Rosenhof 2009); he played for Cristobal Jodorowsky during the psicoshamanic rituals and for Claude Coldy in sensitive dance workshops and for Kea Tonetti in butoh dance performances and workshops.

His most recent performances: Yo soy Azul, Mothersea, Enthullt:The flower garden, Utsusemi, Wu, Space is body, Shishi Gami-Spirit of the Forest, Memore d’eau and Omoshiroi, Ador-azione interactive performance.


With CompagniaKha

Kea Tonetti, dance

Tivitavi  and  Lorenzo Sanguedolce, live music

“Let the soul wear the cosmos, entering the kingdom of a primordial body-memory” Kazuo Ohno

Awaken a sensitive presence in the body and in the spirit and let the dance emerge naturally, in the same way that we naturally breath. Contact a quiet inner space from which the form generates itself, and through which the invisible becomes visible. Experience our own body like time and space, in which cells are written archetypes and ancestral memories. Each form of life is a dance of life and death, living.

Sensitive Dance® is a body practice that awakens the movements from sensations in an organic way, nourishing the awareness of the present moment. It helps us to inhabit our body and to learn how to carry and to lead it through space, opening our own perception of the world and a sensitive relationship with others. It leads us to revisit the wonderful steps of human evolution, from the cell in suspension to the standing position, from prenatal life in the water to life on the earth, allowing us to rediscover the sense of human verticality, rooted in the earth and expanding into the sky and the space around us.

Butoh Dance allows us to find an authentic expression of the body, a “body-revolution”, where everyone can express his or her own movement with an expressive freedom that flows in the present moment; it leads us to live the deepness of human soul, to free our inner emotions, instinct, ancient memories, strength and fragility, our demons and angels. It awakens our inner landscapes, often connected to the beauty of nature and its neverending cycles, between life and death. It opens to our listening and feeling, in a receptive and irrational way, generating a time-space that is different from our usual one. It invites us to dance while being danced, open to live the instant and letting forms be born of silence, as expressions of the soul. Butoh rekindles the pureness of our inner child and of nature, poetry and catharsis, opening a channel to the luminous empty space that permeates reality and from whence everything is born. When we dance the spirit, form is manifested; when we enter the form, the spirit comes alive.

Some elements :

Walk and stand, inhabit the body, nourishing presence and grounding.

Feel the energy flowing through the spine.

Spirals, waves and the infinite: energetic movements belonging to life.

Open our inner perception of space and time, inside the body and mind.

Develop a sensitive listening in contact with the others.

Develop different qualities of body and space, opening different inner states.

Awake the Qi, the life essence, the strength of life that flows from our vital center.

The process of metamorphosis in body and soul, dance the spirit and the energy of natural elements, a painting, an object, a poem, a child, an old woman…

Generate emotions and poetry through awakening inner landscapes and ancient memories of the body.

Free and spontaneous action in the present moment.

Express, create and pray while dancing, showering yourself with love.

At the end of the workshop each participant will have the opportunity to dance a solo.

The workshop will be accompanied by the live music of Tivitavi and Lorenzo Sanguedolce (tibetan bells, gong, didgeridoo, drumming, stones, natural sounds, eletronic sounds, flutes, sax and voice).

The workshop is open to dancers, actors, therapists, educators and everyone is interested in participating. A background in dance is not required.