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Lorenzo Sanguedolce is a Brooklyn based tenor saxophonist and improviser whose music is not defined by genre or style. His debut album, “Live at the Yippie,” with bassist Michael Bisio, was released on NoBusiness Records in November 2009. He leads numerous small groups, including a quartet with David Arner (p), Francois Grillot (b) and Todd Capp (d), which performed at the Vision Festival XV in June 2010, a trio with Adam Caine and John Wagner, and other projects including alto saxophonist Nick Lyons and bassist Adam Lane.

Lorenzo is a member of the New York Soundpainting Orchestra and Eric Eigner’s Mysterium Electric Soundpainting Septet. He has also performed and/or recorded with Connie Crothers (p), John Zorn (as), Ken Filiano (b), Ratzo Harris (b), Richard Tabnik (as), Carol Liebowitz (p), Kazzrie Jaxen (p), Andy Fite (g), Lou Grassi (d), Barry Altschul (d), Ian Brandt (b) and Jose Conde (voc), among others.

Before moving to New York, Lorenzo lived in Milan, Italy for six years, where he began an ongoing collaboration with pianist, composer, neuropsychiatrist and multidisciplinary artist Paolo Ferrari. In this period, along with dancer Stefania Kea Tonetti and painter Roberto Tivi Tavi Papini he also founded the performance group Mass Construction, an improvising ensemble comprised of musicians, actors, dancers and visual artists.

Pianist and vocalist Carol Liebowitz began studying the piano at age nine. She attended New York’s High School of Performing Arts where she continued studying classical repertoire, and received a BA in Music from New York University. After college, she began a long-term association with pianist Connie Crothers, studying piano and vocal improvisation. Carol also studied with Jay Clayton, and has appeared in workshop concerts with Jay and Sheila Jordan. Carol has performed extensively throughout New York City and the New York metropolitan area, as well as in Europe. Over the years, she has worked at Birdland, Cornelia Street Cafe, Roulette, and The Stone, in addition to giving frequent solo concert performances. She has also appeared with artists Nick Lyons, Lorenzo Sanguedolce, Adam Caine, Adam Lane, Ratzo Harris, Roger Mancuso and Eva Lindal, as well as with Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen, Tom Blancarte and John Wagner, with whom she recorded a CD to be released in 2010. Carol has two CDs on the New Artists label—“Waves of Blue Intensities,”

a duo with tenor saxophonist Bob Field, and “Time on My Hands,” a voice and guitar duo with Andy Fite.

“It quite simply was one of the greatest solo piano concerts I’ve ever witnessed...” Mark Weber, poet

In addition to his performances in the New York City area and in Europe, Lorenzo also teaches private lessons in his Brooklyn studio.

[Sanguedolce] sports a full-bodied, attractive sound that, while capable of achieving intense heights, always seems to have a melodic core at its center.” —Robert Iannapollo, All About Jazz–New York

“...she doesn’t sound much like anyone but herself.” —Chris Kelsey

“Liebowitz is a rhythmically sophisticated improviser who is unafraid of dissonance....The juxtaposition of the new with the traditional is what this duo is all about. It’s an often fascinating combination.” —Carl Baugher, Cadence (Waves of Blue Intensities)

“From the first chorus she bends the lyrics through her sweeping, melismatic improvisations. The impression is that Liebowitz is improvising the lyrics. This gives the poetry an urgent edge. I found myself hearing the lyrics afresh. “Love Me or Leave Me” is emotionally wrenching in a way I’ve never heard it.” —David Dupont, Cadence (Time On My Hands)