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Lorenzo Sanguedolce is a Brooklyn based tenor saxophonist and improviser whose music is not defined by genre or style. His debut album, "Live at the Yippie", with bassist Michael Bisio, was released on NoBusiness Records in November 2009. He leads numerous small groups, including a trio with Kazzrie Jaxen (p) and Michael Bisio, a quartet with David Arner (p), Francois Grillot (b) and Todd Capp (d), a trio with Adam Caine(g) and John Wagner(d), and other projects including alto saxophonist Nick Lyons and bassist Adam Lane.

In addition, he has performed and/or recorded with Connie Crothers (p), Karl Berger (p), John Zorn (as), Carol Liebowitz (p), Ken Filiano (b), Ratzo Harris (b), Richard Tabnik (as), Carol Liebowitz (p), Andy Fite (g), Lou Grassi (d), Barry Altschul (d), Ian Brandt (b) and Jose Conde (leader/voc), to name a few.

Before moving to New York, Lorenzo lived in Milan, Italy for six years, where he began an ongoing collaboration with pianist, composer, neuropsychiatrist and multidisciplinary artist Paolo Ferrari. In this period, along with dancer Stefania Kea Tonetti and painter Roberto Tivi Tavi Papini he also founded the performance group Mass Construction, an improvising ensemble comprised of musicians, actors, dancers and visual artists.

[Sanguedolce] sports a full-bodied, attractive sound that, while capable of achieving intense heights, always seems to have a melodic core at its center.” - Robert Iannapollo (All About Jazz–New York)

Lorenzo Sanguedolce Trio
with Kazzrie Jaxen and Michael Bisio

This trio is a dynamic, improvisational organism. Every performance is a unique and exquisite journey in spontaneous creation, combining power, grace, mystery, swing, groove, drive and restraint. Sanguedolce, Jaxen and Bisio will take you from the bowels of the earth to the outer limits of the universe and back, and you ears will never be the same again.

"[Jaxen] is onto something very original...she is a striking talent...and a talent with a strong personality."
- Robert Palmer (New York Times)

"...thick clusters of notes and right-hand filigree that travel off at strange angles, all held together by an insistent originality that makes tracing her influences difficult...[Jaxen] clearly is a major pianist." - John Baxter (Option)

"[Kazzrie Jaxen] is a pianist of astounding complexity and accomplishment." - Mark Gardner (Jazz Journal)

“… [Bisio is] a poet of the contrabass” – Eduardo Chagas (

"Bisio in particular has one of the downright thickest bass tones of anyone playing the instrument in free music these days - his style has a physical cast to it that demands to be felt, not simply heard. "

- Scott Hreha (One Final Note)

“[Bisio’s] playing appears to be produced by sorcery.” – Frank Rubolino (Cadence Magazine)

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