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LORENZO SANGUEDOLCE  saxLorenzo_Sanguedolce_Sax__Home.html
“Live at the Yippie” (excerpt)Lorenzo_Sanguedolce_Sax__Music_files/yippie_excerpt.mp3

An excerpt from my new LP on NoBusiness Records:

LS (ts), Michael Bisio (b)

To purchase, click here.

A tribute to the Masters:

Lady Be Good (Bird)Lorenzo_Sanguedolce_Sax__Tribute.htmlLorenzo_Sanguedolce_Sax__Music_files/lady_be_good_ls-cp-vocal.mp3shapeimage_4_link_0

original solo by Charlie Parker on alto sax (center), accompanied by LS on tenor (left) and on vocals (right)

Limehouse BluesLorenzo_Sanguedolce_Sax__Tribute.htmlLorenzo_Sanguedolce_Sax__Music_files/limehouse_ls-cb.mp3shapeimage_5_link_0

original solo by Chu Berry on tenor (right), accompanied by LS on tenor (left)

original solo by Warne Marsh on tenor (right), accompanied by LS on tenor (left)

Set OpenerLorenzo_Sanguedolce_Sax__Music_files/sbq2006-02-16a1.mp3Lorenzo_Sanguedolce_Sax__Music_files/lady_be_good_ls-cp-vocal_1.mp3shapeimage_6_link_0

Sweetblood Quartet with Adam Caine (g), Rob Adkins (b) and John McCutcheon (d)

recorded live on February 16, 2006

Personnel as above, recorded live on January 26, 2006

Startin’ It Off
Before the Rats
You Don’t Know
Headless Blues
Closing RemarksLorenzo_Sanguedolce_Sax__Music_files/icu_sbt_07-14-05_loverman_sample.mp3Lorenzo_Sanguedolce_Sax__Music_files/icu_sbt_07-14-05_free_01_sample.mp3Lorenzo_Sanguedolce_Sax__Music_files/icu_sbt_08-04-05_free_duo.mp3Lorenzo_Sanguedolce_Sax__Music_files/icu_sbt_07-14-05_youdontknow_sample.mp3Lorenzo_Sanguedolce_Sax__Music_files/icu_sbt_08-18-05_headless_blues_excerpt.mp3

I.C.U. Era:

from Sweetblood’s weekly gig in NYC’s West Village

LS on alto, tenor and baritone saxes

Threeness (remix)Lorenzo_Sanguedolce_Sax__Music_files/Threeness_remix.mp3Lorenzo_Sanguedolce_Sax__Music_files/Threeness_remix_1.mp3shapeimage_8_link_0

as above, but with the magical contribution of Dennis and Tara Drew


LS on tenor sax, with effects

Original Saxophone Compositions:

All sound material is property of SweetBloodMusic (SBM) and protected under applicable copyright laws. The music on this website is intended solely for personal listening and may not be reproduced, sold or distributed in any form without express written permission from the owner.

How High the MoonLorenzo_Sanguedolce_Sax__Tribute.htmlLorenzo_Sanguedolce_Sax__Tribute.htmlshapeimage_10_link_0
Stella by StarlightLorenzo_Sanguedolce_Sax__Music_files/sbt_2006-01-26_stella.mp3Lorenzo_Sanguedolce_Sax__Music_files/limehouse_ls-cb_1.mp3shapeimage_11_link_0

Live in Milan, Italy:

Sweetblood Duo/Trio with John McCutcheon (d) and/or Adam Lane (b)

recorded live in July and August, 2005

LS (ts), Alberto Turra (g), John McCutcheon (d)

recorded live in September, 2006 at Scimmie, Milan, Italy

(execpt Amen and Back for Words, recorded in studio)

The Lorenzo Sanguedolce Quartet:

Live at Galapagos Art Space

LS (ts), David Arner (p), Francois Grillot (b), Todd Capp (d)

Recorded live on December 29, 2009

Musica In-Assenza:

LS (ts), Paolo Ferrari (p)

Recorded Milan, Italy in April 2004

original solo by Lester Young on tenor sax (right), soon to be accompanied by LS on tenor (left)

Lorenzo Sanguedolce / Kazzrie Jaxen / Michael Bisio Trio

The Quintet:

Lorenzo Sanguedolce, Nick Lyons, Adam Caine, Rob Adkins, John Wagner

Duo with Justin Wert

Black Orpheus

317 East 32nd St.

I Should Care

Easy Living